Fire Tune Of The Day: A2 – From London With Love Ft. Thea Gajic

by Olu

Disturbing London artist A2 released his debut album BLUE just under 2 weeks ago & it’s a heater to say the least. I’ll have to admit that I didn’t know who he was until last week when I stumbled across a post about the project. A friend of mine brought him up again & mentioned that it was a good listen, so I had to check the project out for myself & boy am I happy I did. He clearly has slight similarities to Bryson Tiller but I believe his sound is still unique & unlike anything that’s ever come out of the UK before. He’s signed to Disturbing London, which can be seen as a quality stamp of approval but the music does most of the talking on behalf of the Londoner. BLUE serves as an acronym for Before Love Undoes Everything & I urge anyone who comes across this post to check out the album here & enjoy the fire tune below.