Fire Tune Of The Day : Jhene Aiko – Psilocybin (Love In Full Effect) [feat. Dr. Chill]

by Olu

Jhene Aiko surprisingly released her 2nd solo album & 3rd overall album Trip today and I’ve just given the 22 track LP a first listen. It’s immediately obvious that the recording process & the album itself served as therapy for Jhene regarding her brother Miyagi’s death from cancer in 2012. It’s an unusually long album but it’s understandable in this particular situation. This album was for Jhene Aiko, in a similar vein to how J. Cole’s 4 Your Eyez Only was an album for him rather than the fans, which is perfectly okay and part of any artist’s journey in my opinion. In a nutshell, Jhene needed to make this album for herself in order to heal & grow as an artist. It’s a mellow album, which requires the listener’s full attention in order to enjoy &  understand the record properly in my opinion. That being said, it’s an upgrade on 2014’s Souled Out, which underwhelmed most fans considering the success of both 2011’s Sailing Soul(s) and 2013’s Sail Out. I’m a fan of TRIP & I expect it to grow on me after a few more listens, however Psilocybin is an immediate favourite & one hell of a song, which has gone straight into the upper echelons of my personal playlistListen to the album here & check out the FTOD below