Tune Reviews: Metro Boomin – No Complaints Ft. Offset & Drake (By Tunde Oyebode)

by Olu

So I’ve decided to introduce a new feature on here called Tunes Review where a guest writer or myself breakdown a song we really like. Here’s the first post by my friend Tunde; enjoy!

The boastful track that is warranted

‘No Complaints’ is a boastful track with haunting instrumentals that is no doubt warranted. These lots have much to be boastful about. They have achieved.

With Metro orchestrating and composing, he yet again produced an excellent song with haunting characteristics akin to tracks on 2016’s Savage Mode. But let’s set aside Young Metro’s production brilliance and tackle the words spoken on the song, starting with Offset. As 1/3 of the Migos, Offset has a responsibility to represent and that’s what he does on this track. He really brings the juice, in strong competition with Drake’s or I dare say, better than Drake’s verse (@vibespatron please forgive me). Opening with ‘Ain’t no complaints,’ Offset immediately nods at the things he has acquired, the money and fame, without having to sell drugs anymore. Further lines in Offset’s chorus continues to highlight the many things like beautiful women, more money and good food, that have come with the success of him and his bunch. His verse, hitting even harder, sets out the future he has for himself as he wishes he could be as great and effortless as Mohammed Ali especially in his famous match where he performs the Rope-A-Dope.  The rest continues in a similar boastful fashion. I mean the Migos are not known for challenging you intellectually but the vibe—no doubt— is brought in full force. And how wonderful it is to get paid a quarter million a week for just vibes.

Drake, oh Drake, the notorious flow changer did what he does best on this track. His bars are short and quick, akin to the flow on Gyalchester. I can’t blame him though. In the demanding world we live in now it is important to know how to reinvent yourself, to do something new, to always stay relevant and avoid redundancy. Drake is the king of that in music. He begins with metaphorically illustrating his teenage goals and his quickness to achieving them, ‘At 17, I wanted everything that was in store, At 23, I bought it all just to make sure.’ I mean from wanting everything to being able to buy anything in the space of 6 years is certainly a meteoric pace. Further nods to his greatness and money acquired are mentioned on the verse, ‘look at my face, up there with the greats,’ or ‘water used to be tap, nigga not the Voss.’ All those accolades are commendable but one that stands out is Drake’s Billboard presence.  Debuting in 2009 on the Hot 100 charts, Drake has never fallen off the charts year after year setting the record of eight uninterrupted years of chart presence. Like I said, these lots, especially Drake, have a lot to be boastful about.

Respect to @richy3 on Genius with the apt meme that describes this song. The highly creative and haunting instrumentation by Metro, coupled with the Uzi like flow of Offset and Drake—short and quick dispenses—leaves you begging and I mean really begging for more like Oliver Twist. Please, Metro Boomin, Please.