Fire Tune Of The Day: Mura Masa – Helpline Ft. Tom Tripp

by Olu

Today’s FTOD is by 21 year old Guernsey-born super producer Mura Masa. I first heard about Mura Masa in April 2015 because of the absolutely amazing song Firefly featuring Naowhich was released as part of his official debut EP Someday SomewhereThe record was all over the radio & soundcloud and it peaked my interest in the producer, which led to me hearing Love$ick Fuck (the original!) , which fully sold me on his artistry & sound after that. Mura has kept up the momentum since then, culminating in the release of his self-title debut album Mura Masa this past Friday via his own label Anchor Point Records & Polydor Records. It’s a breath of fresh air and shows off his range as a producer, however it also contains every lead single he’s released since 2015, which can be seen as either lazy or brilliant(if it fits the album’s theme) depending on who’s perspective. Anyway enjoy his debut album here & enjoy my current standout tune helpline featuring Tom Tripp below.